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GenoType DNA Isolation Kit

Your method for simple manual extraction of genomic DNA from whole human blood, body fluids, tissues and eukaryotic cell cultures

GenoType DNA Isolation Kit With the GenoType DNA Isolation Kit, you can rapidly extract highly purified DNA for use in conventional amplification procedures. Even small volumes (1-50 µl) are sufficient and yet ensure a high DNA yield (1-2 µg DNA).

Your benefits with the GenoType DNA Isolation Kit

  • Easy-to-use: simple performance in only a few work steps allows rapid DNA extraction.
  • Reliable: GenoType DNA Isolation Kit enables the extraction of DNA from a small starting volume and yet guarantees a high yield.
  • Optimal suitability for routine use: GenoType DNA Isolation Kit allows the extraction and purification of genomic DNA from various sample materials and can therefore be used in a versatile way in your laboratory routines.
  • CE-marked: No need for elaborate validation studies.


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At a glance
Kit for isolation and purification of genomic DNA

Starting material:
human whole blood, body fluids, tissue, eukaryotic cell cultures

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