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Your method for extracting and storing nucleic acids that can be amplified for selected test systems from the Hain Lifescience company

With the GENO•CARD, DNA can be extracted within minimum time: A drop of the sample material is applied to the GENO•CARD. Using a special punch and the corresponding punch support, a small stamped piece is taken from the applied sample. This stamped piece is used directly in the amplification reaction.

With the GENO•CARD you thus have the possibility to extract DNA for PCR from blood in only a few steps. The GENO•CARD delivers enormous time savings as compared to conventional DNA isolation methods.

Your benefits with the GENO•CARD

  • Easy-to-use: simple to perform, thus allowing DNA extraction within only a few minutes. Once the sample material has been applied, it can be stored for months.
  • Time-saving: rapid DNA extraction shortens total test time and therefore makes your lab routines even more efficient.
  • Cost-efficient: no cost-intensive instrumentation is needed to perform rapid testing.
Please contact your local representative for availability in your country. For all English Materials: Not for sale in the USA.

At a glance
Collection and storage of amplifyable nucleic acids for use in the following test systems:

  • GenoQuick® HLA-B27
  • ThromboType®
  • ThromboType®plus
  • GenoType MTHFR
  • GenoType ApoE
  • GenoType PAI-1
  • GenoType HH
  • GenoType AAT
  • GenoType LCT

Starting material:
human whole blood 

Order number:

  • 24 pieces (96 collections)  No. G00196
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