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Fast and efficient extraction of nucleic acids using the GenoXtract® and the GXT Extraction Kits

The different GXT Extraction Kits are based on a “magnetic bead technology”, which ensures high-quality and definite sample preparation with the  GenoXtract®.

Available GXT Extraction Kits

GXT DNA/RNA Extraction Kit for the isolation of bacterial DNA or RNA from decontaminated pulmonary and extrapulmonary, clinical samples (except for whole blood)

GXT Blood Extraction Kit for the isolation of human DNA from blood sample

GXT NA Extraction Kit for the isolation of nucleic acids from various sample materials

X2 Cartridge Extraction Kit for obtaining bacterial DNA from decontaminated sputum and samples cultured in MGIT

Your advantages with the GenoXtract® and the GXT Extraction Kits

  • Efficient isolation with innovative technology: The “magnetic bead technology" enables high-quality sample preparation and ensures a high yield and purity of the isolated nucleic acids.
  • Special pipetting technology for assured results: A straightforward system consisting of pipette tip and pump replaces extensive pumps and tubing. Disposables reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Reliable diagnostics from one source: The isolated nucleic acids can be used in combination with test systems of the FluoroType® and GenoType product series.
  • Multifunctional and flexible processing: Using the GenoXtract®, nucleic acids can be isolated from various sample materials. The pipetting system enables the processing of up to 12 samples, as well as the isolation of individual samples.
  • Easy operation for simple routine diagnostics: The isolation programs are already installed and can be accessed directly. Prefilled reagent cartridges facilitate your daily work.
Please contact your local representative for availability in your country. For all English Materials: Not for sale in the USA.

At a glance
Extraction Kits for the automated extraction of nucleic acids from various sample materials

GXT Extraction Kits for processing with the GenoXtract®:

GXT DNA/RNA Extraction Kit
No. 12.01.02 (96 samples)

GXT Blood Extraction Kit
No. 12.07.02 (96 samples)

GXT NA Extraction Kit
No. 12.08.02 (96 samples)

X2 Cartridge
No. 12.02.02 (96 samples)

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