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GenoXtract® fleXT – Extraction and PCR setup directly from original patient specimens

GenoXtract® fleXT is your reliable, automated extraction system directly from the original patient sample with no need for extensive preparation prior to extraction. Barcode-supported robotic sorting significantly reduces manual intervention. Optionally combine extraction with FluoroType® kits, for a convenient walk-away solution tailored to the dynamic laboratory environment.

FluoroType® kits* are validated for use with FluoroCycler® XT, providing end-to-end Extraction – PCR and results interpretation with the FluoroSoftware® - directly from the original patient specimen.


  • Walk-away extraction automation: Minimal and easy workflow setup to maximize your hands-off time

  • Accurate and efficient: Parallel and highly reliable processing of all samples under continuous deviation monitoring control

  • Safe and clean: Loading outside the pipetting area to avoid contamination and allow ergonomic interaction


  • External loading dock: Loading barcoded samples and deck tools from outside of the device minimizes contamination.

  • Barcode scanning: Ensures that human error is kept to a minimum and samples remain tracked throughout the entire process.

  • Robotic sorting: Ensures exact tool positioning without manual intervention

  • Liquid handling: Advanced pipette tips for liquid level detection and air displacement pipetting provides continuous Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM), maximizing accuracy throughout the process.

  • Directly compatible with FluoroCycler® XT: Following PCR setup minimal hands-on time needed to derive PCR analysis

  • Easy to use software: Clear, easy to follow wizard-based software for fast and easy setup

*Please contact your local representative for the current list of validated assays
*Please contact your local representative for availability in your country. Not for sale in the USA.
FluoroType®, FluoroCycler® and GenoXtract® are registered trademarks of Bruker corporate group.
Legal Manufacturer GenoXtract® fleXT: Hamilton Bonaduz AG, Via Crusch 8, CH-7402 Bonaduz, Switzerland

At a glance:
Automated extraction and PCR setup

Liquid handling:
Continuous TADM

Number of Samples:
Up to 96 Samples

8 pipetting channels

2h 25min for 96 samples
+ 18 min for PCR Setup (95 samples)

Dimension (W×H×D):
1124 × 903 × 795 mm
[without loading tray]

1124 × 903 × 1010 mm
[with loading tray]

140 kg

Order Numbers:
GenoXtract® fleXT Part No. 1883774
GXT96 X3 Part no. 550960
GXT96 X2 Part no. 520960


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