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GenoType HH

Your test system for the definite detection of the mutations C282Y, H63D, S65C and E168X in the HFE gene associated with hereditary hemochromatosis

reaction zones GenoType HH

Our GenoType HH test system allows you to have a definite and rapid diagnosis of hereditary haemochromatosis by the detection of these important mutations.

Your benefits with GenoType HH

  • Unambiguous diagnosis: With the detection of certain genotypes, the suspicion of the presence of hereditary haemochromatosis can be confirmed.
  • More information: Along with the two most common mutations (C282Y and H63D), rare genotypes such as S65C and E168X are also detected. This allows a comprehensive diagnosis of the disease. 
  • Definite result: If the test is not processed under optimal conditions, this will be indicated by an internal control.


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At a glance
Molecular genetic assay for analysis of the HFE gene mutations C282Y, H65D, S65C and E168X

Starting material:
EDTA/Citrate blood

DNA Isolation:
GenoType DNA Isolation Kit or
GXT Blood Extraction Kit (with GenoXtract®)

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  • 12 tests  No. 245
DNASTRIP technology

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