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FluoroType® Factor V

Your fluorescence-based test system for the reliable detection of the Factor V Leiden mutation

Display of result FluoroType® Factor V

Your benefits with FluoroType® Factor V

  • No limitation: Genetic detection can also be done under anticoagulation treatment and thus at any point in time.
  • Reliable Result: The test-specific evaluation software guaranteed objective and valid result interpretation.
  • User-friendly: Due to its very low pipetting effort the test system can easily be integrated into every routine laboratory.
  • Cost-effective: No costly equipment is needed to perform the test, therefore making it appealing to laboratories of all size.


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At a glance
Molecular genetic fluorescence-based test system for the analysis of the Factor V Leiden mutation

Starting material:
EDTA/Citrate blood

DNA Isolation:
GXT Blood Extraction Kit (with  GenoXtract®)

Instrument for Amplification and Detection:
FluoroCycler® 12

Order number:

  • 96 tests No. 60396
FluoroType® technology

Instruction for Use (IFU)

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