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GenoQuick® Bordetella

Your test system for detection of B. pertussis and B. parapertussis directly from patient specimens

Whooping cough is more than just a childhood disease. In the past few years, the incidence in children, adolescents and adults has considerably increased. The reasons for this are primarily the decrease in immunity with increasing vaccination intervals and prior disease as well as the failure to get booster vaccinations.
In adolescents and adults, whooping cough or pertussis, because of the atypical course of the disease, is often not correctly recognised. Thus, these age groups bear a great risk to the infection of toddlers. Newborns and infants do not have any immunity to pertussis until they are vaccinated. They are therefore particularly at risk of suffering serious complications.
Therefore the early and reliable diagnosis of whooping cough is extremely important in order to promptly begin antibiotic treatment and thus break the chain of infection.

reaction zones GenoQuick® BordetellaThe GenoQuick® Bordetella enables you detection of B. pertussis and B. parapertussis in a few hours from patient samples. The GenoQuick® technology is easy and rapid to perform and only a few instruments are necessary. This also means that economic set-up of the method is possible for smaller laboratories. A ready-to-use lysis buffer for rapid and simple DNA extraction is also provided with the kit.

assay priciple GenoQuick® Bordetella

Your benefits with GenoQuick® Bordetella

  • High sensitivity and specificity: The simultaneous detection of the IS elements, IS481 and IS1001, enables the reliable detection and differentiation of B. pertussis and B. parapertussis.
  • Reliable result: Internal controls document the validity of the results and secure safe and impeccable test procedures.
  • Rapid result: Simple procedures allows for rapid test results within 3 hours only.
  • Cost-effective: No cost-intensive instrumentation needed to perform the test. A ready-to-use lysis buffer for rapid and simple DNA isolation is also contained in the kit.
  • CE-marked: No need for elaborate validation studies.

At a glance
Molecular genetic assay for direct detection of B. pertussis and B. parapertussis

Starting material:
Swab specimens from nasopharynx, nose an throat

transystem® 190, transystem® 108C

DNA Isolation:
Lysis Buffer (component of the kit)

Order number:
12 tests  No. 313
96 tests  No. 31396

GenoQuick® technology

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