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GenoType Mycobacterium AS VER 1.0

Your test system for the detection and differentiation of 19 clinically relevant NTM from cultivated material

Nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are a group of ubiquitous bacteria in the environment. They show a broad diversity regarding where they can be found and how they adapted to certain environmental conditions.. In contrast to M. tuberculosis and M. leprae, NTM are opportunistic pathogens that can cause distinctive clinical patterns in immunocompromised patients (e.g. HIV) or patients with pre-existing pulmonary disease. The treatment of nontuberculous mycobacterioses is often complex and depends on the particular mycobacteria species.

In the last few years, the incidence of nontuberculous mycobacterioses has increased worldwide, particularly in countries with low tuberculosis (TB) prevalence. Therefore, reliable and rapid molecular genetic laboratory diagnostics are the prerequisite of an adequate therapy and prevention measures.

Starting from a positive (solid or liquid) culture result, GenoType Mycobacterium AS permits the rapid and reliable differentiation of clinically relevant NTM species.

The test systems GenoType Mycobacterium CM and GenoType Mycobacterium AS can be performed separately or in combination. If further diagnostics are required after performing the GenoType Mycobacterium CM test, the same PCR product can be used directly for processing of GenoType Mycobacterium AS. Thus, extraction and amplification have to be performed only once and you save valuable time and effort.

  reaction zones GenoType Mycobacterium AS 

The GenoType Mycobacterium AS („Additional Species“) enables the differentiation of 19 additional NTM species. The PCR product that was generated with the GenoType Mycobacterium CM test can be used.

Your benefits with GenoType Mycobacterium AS

  • With one single test procedure numerous clinically relevant mycobacteria species can be identified.
  • By combining it with GenoType Mycobacterium CM, additional important NTM can be detected using the same PCR product.
  • Results are obtained within only 5 hrs.
  • High sensitivity allows the identification of different mycobacteria species in one single sample and the detection of weak-positive cultures.


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Molecular genetic assay for identification and differentiation of 19 clinically relevant NTM

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