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TBCheck MPT64 VER 1.0 – Rapid detection of MTB complex

Your sensitive immunochromatographic assay for the rapid identification of M. tuberculosis complex from culture

A positive culture is the starting material for TBCheck MPT64. The assay detects the MPT64 antigen which is highly specific for M. tuberculosis complex. Therefore, a discrimination between MTB complex and NTM is possible. Depending on this result further diagnostic tests can be used:
In case of a positive result GenoType MTBC allows for the differentiation of M. tuberculosis complex. Furthermore, if resistance testing is required GenoType MTBDRplus is the right choice for a PCR-based detection of MDR-TB.
If the result is negative the presence of NTM is assumed and GenoType Mycobacterium CM/AS should be used for further differentiation.

Test principle of TBCheck MPT64

TBCheck MPT64 is based on an immunochromatographic assay principle. A droplet of the positive culture is placed on the lateral flow strip. On the strip the secreted MPT64 antigens are marked with gold and migrate to a specific binding site. This reaction leads to a gold accumulation at the binding site and subsequently to a visible band on the strip. The control area shows the efficiency of the gold binding – therefore, valid results are always guaranteed.

Your benefits with TBCheck MPT64

  • Rapid detection: TBCheck MPT64 allows the rapid detection of M. tuberculosis complex and consequent discrimination from NTM within 10 minutes. Therefore, rapid results are guaranteed and further testing is promptly possible.
  • Indication for further diagnostics: The results of TBCheck MPT64 enable a sound choice for further diagnostics. Depending on the results, further differentiation of MTB complex or NTM differentiation are indicated.
  • Confirmation prior to drug susceptibility testing: The assay can be used to confirm MTB complex before drug susceptibilitytesting is performed from culture.
  • Ease of use: Just one single pipetting step is necessary to obtain reliable results which can be easily evaluated at a glance.
  • No implementation costs: No instrumentation is necessary for the assay – therefore quick implementation is possible in every lab.


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At a glance
Rapid immunochromatographic assay for the detection of the M. tuberculosis complex from cultivated samples

Starting material:
Bacteria grown in liquid medium

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  • 30 tests No. 6430

Immunochromatographic assay principle

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Early Diagnosis
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