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DNA Isolation

The starting point of each test based on DNA•STRIP and FluoroType® technology are sample materials from which nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) are extracted. We offer you different systems for extracting nucleic acids and thus the possibility for extracting nucleic acids in various ways from different starting materials for numerous laboratory applications. 

We provide a broad product range for medical diagnostics. Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions.
Our products are not available in every country. Please contact your local sales representative for availability of these IVD products in your country.

Method for rapid manual isolation of bacterial DNA for the use of FluoroType® MRSA test system.
Method for rapid manual isolation of bacterial DNA for the use of FluoroType®  test systems.
GXT Extraction Kits
Extraction Kits for the fully automated isolation of nucleic acids from various sample materials using the GenoXtract®.
Kit for extraction of genomic bacterial DNA from patient specimens for the use of GenoType test systems. 
Collection and storage of amplifyable nucleic acids for use in designated test kits from Hain Lifescience.
GenoType DNA Isolation Kit
Kit for isolation and purification of genomic DNA.